* M. Charpentier (April-August 2018): "Comparison between observations of sea-level change and simulation with a climate model (IPSL-CM5A-LR):Determination of the main driver of regional sea-level change"

* C. Tsitsikas; Co-supervised Master thesis (Feb.2017-current)
* I. Komis; Co-supervised Master thesis (Feb.2016-Dec.2016)
* K. Beers; Co-supervised Master thesis (Feb.2012-Sept.2012)

Get in touch if you'd like to do a Master thesis or internship with me! [starting in 2019]

Potential projects:
*studying 20th and 21st century regional sea level from models and comparing this to observations (Slangen et al, 2017 (JCLIM), Slangen et al, 2014 (Climatic Change)).
*updating the volume-area glacier model to be used with climate model output for past and future (Slangen and van de Wal, 2011) and contribute to the GlacierMIP project


* SESYNC Pursuit, Human migration & Sea-level rise (March 2018-ongoing)

* Glacier modelling intercomparison project (WCRP-CliC Targeted Activity) (Dec 2014-ongoing)
* ISSI international team "Contemporary regional and global sea level rise: assessment of climatemodels against observations" (Nov 2014-Nov 2017)

* ISSI international team "Towards a unified sea level record" (May 2017-ongoing) 

Awards & Grants

* Awarded an NWO NSO-grant for a 4-yr PhD project on regional sea level change and satellite observations (Dec 2017)
* Received ECR travel support for WCRP/IOC New York (July 2017)
* Received ECR travel support for CLIVAR Qingdao (October 2016)
* Selected to participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit in Singapore (January 2016)
* Awarded a SIEF John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowship - 3-year postdoctoral fellowship grant, 6 awardees out of 179 applicants. (Declined) (Dec. 2015)
* Selected to participate in IPCC Workshop on Regional Climate projections and their use in impacts and risk analysis studies, Brazil (September 2015)

Invited presentations

* Brunings lecture Utrecht (January 2019)
* FYSICA Utrecht (April 2018)
* NAC Veldhoven (March 2018)
* Pathways to Sustainability Utrecht (February 2018)
* WCRP Sea Level Conference New York (July 2017)
* ECRA General Assembly Brussels (March 2017)
* York University (October 2016)
* Met Office Exeter (June 2016)
* National Oceanography Centre Liverpool (May 2016)
* ECRA/BCCR workshop Bergen (June 2016)
* ISSI Workshop Bern (February 2015)
* AGU Fall Meeting (December 2014)
* WGOMD/SOP workshop on sea-level rise Hobart (February 2013)


* Lecturer at TU Delft Summer School on Sea Level Change (2017)

* Teaching assistant: Physics and Astronomy first year course: Introduction Atmosphere and Climate (2008/2009-2009/2010)
* Teaching assistant: University college Utrecht third year course: Atmosphere and Climate (2008/2009-2009/2010)


* IPCC AR6 Working Group I, Lead Author Chapter 9 (2018-2021)

* Member of PhD committee of Thomas Frederikse, TU Delft, 19 March
* Reviewer for Climate Dynamics, Climatic Change, Geophysical Research Letters, Global and Planetary Change, International Journal of Climatology, Journal of Climate, Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans, Journal of Glaciology, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, Nature Geoscience, NSF, Ocean Sciences, PNAS, Scientific Reports, Surveys in Geophysics. 
* Member of the NIOZ colloquium committee
* Co-lead and co-founder of the CSIRO Hobart Postdoc Forum (2013-2016). Organised workshops for postdocs (writing, presenting, supervising, media & communications) and acquired funding to sponsor workshops and conference visits.
* Scientific staff member at NEEM, Greenland (June 2010). Primarily performed ECM-measurements on the NEEM ice core, and also various other tasks in the science and drill trench.