Proposal writing & other things

Part of my job as a tenure tracker is writing research proposals, so I can hire staff and expand my research group. It is an exciting part of being a researcher: imagining what kind of cool research I could do if only I had the money.. *dreaming away*  But it can also be a bit frustrating, because realistically, in most cases only 15% of the proposals get funded. The solution to that (I hope): try lots of different grant sources. Which is what I've basically been doing ever since I got back from my holiday/work trip this summer.. Write, write, write. Lots of work, but it means I've got a couple of irons in the fire now, so fingers crossed! 

In the mean time, other exciting things have happened. I was interviewed for a Dutch popular-scientific television program, called 'De Kennis van Nu' (Todays' knowledge). I contributed to an episode on weather extremes in a changing climate, and I talked to them about my contribution to research that I recentely co-authored in a Nature Communications paper of Thomas Wahl. It was really a lot of fun to do this interview with such a friendly and relaxed crew, let's hope they ask me again!

I've been giving heaps of lectures too these past two months, for instance at the Delft Summer School on sea-level change, where I talked to the students about sea-level projections. At NIOZ, I presented my sea-level work to the Physical Geography department of Utrecht University during their visit to our institute. I also organised a theme day for the Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research (NCK) on regional sea-level change. We had a great day at the Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden, with lots of good talks and an engaged audience. 

Also, I'm in the process of hiring me first PhD candidate. When this is all sorted out, he or she will be introduced here of course... to be continued...