Sea-level change in the Big Apple

Summer is here! Which means, conferencing time is here too! 

The conference of the year for me as a sea-level researcher was the WCRP/IOC conference Regional sea level changes and coastal impacts that took place on 10-14 July in New York. Everybody was going to be there. Everybody! No pressure...

About 400 coastal and sea-level scientists flocked together at the impressive Columbia University Campus for a week of presentations, posters, meetings on sea-level change. All presentations were plenary in the large Roone Arledge auditorium, so all presenters were sure to have a large and diverse audience. 

The week started with past sea-level changes, and worked gradually towards future projections by the end of the week. This meant that most of my hard work would be at the end of the week - or so I thought. With all these people there, it turns out I was super busy all week! Catching up with colleagues and friends that I have collected over the course of my scientific career. Lots of ideas were spilt - deals were made - awesome papers will be written (again, no pressure...).

Then, by Thursday, it was my turn to give an (invited) presentation. I think managed to give a good overview of the recent state of regional sea-level projections research. The feedback after the session and later at the conference dinner was good. By the way, it was an awesome conference dinner: sailing on the Hudson!
On Friday, my last task: chairing the last scientific session of the conference - the second half of the pProjections session. It was a great and diverse group of speakers and topics, with some nice discussion, so all in all I was pretty pleased and could leave New York on a positive note. 

I'm writing this now from Calgary, where my husband has a conference this week (did I mention it's conference season?). For me it will be a week to process last week's meeting and think about all the great new research that is to come. Let's hope it won't be another 10 years before the next WCRP sea level conference! 

[Participants to the ECRA meeting on Tuesday - photo from Jan Even Nilsen] 

[WCRP conference participants]