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Sea-level change in the Big Apple

Summer is here! Which means, conferencing time is here too! 

The conference of the year for me as a sea-level researcher was the WCRP/IOC conference Regional sea level changes and coastal impacts that took place on 10-14 July in New York. Everybody was going to be there. Everybody! No pressure...

About 400 coastal and sea-level scientists flocked together at the impressive Columbia University Campus for a week of presentations, posters, meetings on sea-level change. All presentations were plenary in the large Roone Arledge auditorium, so all presenters were sure to have a large and diverse audience. 

The week started with past sea-level changes, and worked gradually towards future projections by the end of the week. This meant that most of my hard work would be at the end of the week - or so I thought. With all these people there, it turns out I was super busy all week! Catching up with colleagues and friends that I have collected over the course of my scientific career. Lots of ideas we…