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New publications & more

This week I received a nice surprise by mail: a book that came out of an ISSI workshop in Bern in February 2015 on sea-level change. The book is a collection of papers that appeared in a special issue in Surveys in Geophysics earlier this year. It presents reviews on lots of different aspects of sea-level change and is well worth a read! 

A paper that came out of my postdoc position at IMAU last year has now been published in a special issue of the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. The paper shows how sea-level allowances change for different types of uncertainty distributions in the sea-level projections. 

A co-authored paper with Thomas Wahl has just been accepted for publication in Nature Communications, also on extreme sea levels! 

Last week I attended a workshop of the Dutch Network for Women Professors (LNVH) in Utrecht, on how to become more visible in the media as a (female) scientist. There was an interesting panel discussion, followed by workshops with tips & tri…

EGU 2017

My colleague described it as "feeling like an ant in an ants' nest", and she is right - the EGU General Assembly in Vienna is a BIG conference! 14,000+ participants, talking geoscience all week.. How amazing is that??!!

That means a BIG conference venue. Even as this was my third EGU (in 10 years, mind you) the triangular conference centre still confused me every now and then. But hey, a few extra steps in between all the sitting never hurt anybody ;) Still, you'll quickly find that certain topics stick to certain floors: I mostly wandered round on yellow or brown, with the occasional trip to the green floor. Therefore, it is still quite possible to run into people that you know!

It also means a LOT of talks and posters! Talks are scheduled in 4 blocks of 6 talks (of 15 minutes), and then the poster sessions run from 17.30 to 19.00 in the evening. It is so good, especially for a sea level scientist like me, to have the choice of lots of topics that all feed into my lin…