Summer Science Tour 2016

As a result of my move to the UK, it is much easier to visit labs in the UK that do great work on sea-level change. In fact, traveling within Europe is now a breeze compared to the long-haul flights from Australia, definitely a benefit of being back on the old continent again!

In May I was kindly invited to give a seminar at the National Oceanographic Institute in Liverpool. It was a great visit, and Svetlana and Phil gave me the grand tour of the institute and of Liverpool after my seminar.

Next up: a week-long visit to the Met Office in Exeter and the University of Exeter in June. I gave another seminar and had many fruitful discussions with the sea-level group of Matt and other sea-level minded people at the Met Office. And of course we cheered on England in their EURO2016 match against Wales on our excursion along the Exe estuary.

The next week I was back on the road again, to deliver a keynote at the ECRA sea-level meeting in Bergen (Norway), followed by a couple of days in the Utrecht offices of IMAU (to celebrate IMAU's 50th birthday!).

Back in the UK, the next meeting was up: the QRA Sea Level and Coastal Change 2016 meeting in Whitby - an easy drive 2 hrs north of Hull. A great way to meet up with UK sea-level colleagues, and a very good end to this 'summer science tour of Europe'!