Planet Press Project

A while ago, my Twitter feed showed the following message:

I thought this sounded really interesting! I had a browse at the website of Planet Press to find out more about the project. The EGU (European Geosciences Union) publishes a number of scientific journals. Sometimes, a new article in one of those journal is accompanied by a press release. These press releases are aimed at people with a bit of background in science, but may be too complicated for others. This is where Planet Press comes in: the press releases are rewritten such that everybody can understand them! The press releases from Planet Press are aimed at 7-13 year old kids, and their parents and educators. Since not all kids speak English, the press releases are translated into different languages. While browsing on the website I noticed that almost none of the press releases had been translated into Dutch. I decided to sign up! So... (*drumroll*) here is my first translation! Have fun! All my translations can be found under 'Education & Outreach'.

"Gletsjers bestuderen met filmpjes gemaakt van satellietfoto's", a Dutch translation of "Studying glaciers with animated satellite images".