IPCC workshop Brazil

Although I have been part of writing the AR5 chapter on sea-level change, I had not been asked to join an IPCC workshop before September 2015: my first ever IPCC workshop! I was honoured to represent Australia at this international workshop on regional climate projections and their use in impacts and risk analysis studies. The workshop was held in Sao Jose dos Campos, a city north-east of Sao Paolo, in Brazil's National Space Science institute. It brought together 110 experts from 52 countries, with the main aim of improving the link between IPCC's working groups 1 (climate science) and 2 (impacts & risk assessment). This workshop was the very last in the IPCC AR5 cycle. During the workshop, all aspects of regional projections and how to link them to risk assessment were discussed. I presented a poster of my work on sea-level projections for the 21st century. I really enjoyed this first taste of the IPCC community, and hope that this was one of many fruitful meetings and IPCC events to come. 

[IPCC Workshop plenary opening session. Photo by A. Slangen]
[IPCC Workshop poster presentation. Photo by A. Terando]