Global Young Scientists Summit

In January 2016 I joined a group of 300 early career researchers for the Global Young Scientists Summit in Singapore ( I was selected to represent CSIRO, as one of 10 representatives from Australian Universities and research institutes. The idea of this summit is that young researchers get to meet and be inspired by excellent researchers in STEM. This is achieved by listening to presentations from speakers who are all top-scientists who have won Nobel-prizes or equivalent. There were also small group sessions in which we could ask questions and talk about how these researchers got to where they are now. Another aspect of this meeting was to showcase the city of Singapore (Gardens by the Bay, Singapore food trail) and Singapore's commitment to excellent science. I visited Nanyang Technical University and was impressed by the facilities provided to researchers. 

[Small group session with Nobel Prize winner David Gross. Photo by Sharna Jamadar]

 [Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove. Photo by A. Slangen]